Upcoming FTSE SmallCap Ex-Dividend Dates

EPIC Name Market Share Price Dividend Div Impact Declaration Date Ex-Dividend Date ▲ Payment Date
VIN Value and Income Trust FTSE SmallCap 251p 2.8p 1.12% 30-OctView Dividend Announcement 28-Mar 26-Apr
STS Securities Trust of Scotland FTSE SmallCap 168.5p 1.45p 0.86% 16-JanView Dividend Announcement 28-Mar 18-Apr
DIVI Diverse Income Trust FTSE SmallCap 93.8p 0.85p 0.91% 08-FebView Dividend Announcement 28-Mar 31-May
DVO Devro FTSE SmallCap 194.2p 6.3p 3.24% 26-FebView Dividend Announcement 28-Mar 10-May
SERE Schroder European Real Estate Inv Tst FTSE SmallCap 103.5p €0.0185 1.53% 07-MarView Dividend Announcement 28-Mar 12-Apr
FAN Volution Group FTSE SmallCap 170p 1.6p 0.94% 18-MarView Dividend Announcement 28-Mar 03-May
PHTM Photo-Me International FTSE SmallCap 77.6p 3.71p 4.78% 10-DecView Dividend Announcement 04-Apr 10-May
CHG Chemring Group FTSE SmallCap 137.6p 2.2p 1.60% 17-JanView Dividend Announcement 04-Apr 18-Apr
FOUR 4imprint Group FTSE SmallCap 2320p 37.3p 1.61% 05-MarView Dividend Announcement 04-Apr 15-May
CAL Capital & Regional FTSE SmallCap 24.35p 0.6p 2.46% 14-MarView Dividend Announcement 04-Apr 23-May
HHI Henderson High Income Trust FTSE SmallCap 169p 2.425p 1.43% 14-MarView Dividend Announcement 04-Apr 26-Apr
TIGT Troy Income & Growth Trust FTSE SmallCap 77.6p 0.685p 0.88% 19-MarView Dividend Announcement 04-Apr 26-Apr
SQN SQN Asset Finance Income Fund FTSE SmallCap 92.2p 0.6042p 0.66% 21-MarView Dividend Announcement 04-Apr 26-Apr
SQNX SQN Asset Finance Income Fund C FTSE SmallCap 90p 0.6042p 0.67% 21-MarView Dividend Announcement 04-Apr 26-Apr
BPET BMO Private Equity Trust FTSE SmallCap 339p 3.65p 1.08% 22-MarView Dividend Announcement 04-Apr 30-Apr
HSTN Hansteen Holdings FTSE SmallCap 97p 3.8p 3.92% 25-MarView Dividend Announcement 04-Apr 17-May
IPF International Personal Finance FTSE SmallCap 185.4p 7.8p 4.21% 27-FebView Dividend Announcement 11-Apr 10-May
STVG STV Group FTSE SmallCap 366p 14p 3.83% 28-FebView Dividend Announcement 11-Apr 31-May
COST Costain Group FTSE SmallCap 330p 10p 3.03% 06-MarView Dividend Announcement 11-Apr 17-May
JUSC JPMorgan US Smaller Co's Inv Trust FTSE SmallCap 295p 2.5p 0.85% 22-MarView Dividend Announcement 11-Apr 13-May
RPS RPS Group FTSE SmallCap 175.2p 5.08p 2.90% 21-FebView Dividend Announcement 18-Apr 17-May
VTC Vitec Group FTSE SmallCap 1190p 25.5p 2.14% 21-FebView Dividend Announcement 18-Apr 24-May
TYMN Tyman FTSE SmallCap 240p 8.25p 3.44% 05-MarView Dividend Announcement 18-Apr 24-May
PDG Pendragon FTSE SmallCap 27.5p 0.7p 2.55% 12-MarView Dividend Announcement 18-Apr 30-May
STHR SThree FTSE SmallCap 270.5p 9.8p 3.62% 28-JanView Dividend Announcement 25-Apr 07-Jun
MCLS McColl's Retail Group FTSE SmallCap 68.8p 0.6p 0.87% 18-FebView Dividend Announcement 25-Apr 06-Jun
MGNS Morgan Sindall Group FTSE SmallCap 1226p 34p 2.77% 21-FebView Dividend Announcement 25-Apr 20-May
TTG TT Electronics FTSE SmallCap 211.5p 4.55p 2.15% 06-MarView Dividend Announcement 25-Apr 17-May
LOOK Lookers FTSE SmallCap 95p 2.6p 2.74% 13-MarView Dividend Announcement 25-Apr 05-Jun
CTR Charles Taylor FTSE SmallCap 196p 8.08p 4.12% 13-MarView Dividend Announcement 25-Apr 24-May
ZTF Zotefoams FTSE SmallCap 586p 4.15p 0.71% 19-MarView Dividend Announcement 25-Apr 30-May
SDL SDL FTSE SmallCap 540p 7p 1.30% 20-MarView Dividend Announcement 25-Apr 10-Jun
FEET Fundsmith Emerging Equities Trust FTSE SmallCap 1220p 2p 0.16% 21-MarView Dividend Announcement 25-Apr 29-May
BOOT Boot (Henry) FTSE SmallCap 255p 5.8p 2.27% 22-MarView Dividend Announcement 25-Apr 29-May
PRV Porvair FTSE SmallCap 530p 3p 0.57% 28-JanView Dividend Announcement 02-May 07-Jun
HWG Harworth Group FTSE SmallCap 130p 0.633p 0.49% 05-MarView Dividend Announcement 02-May 31-May
EPG EP Global Opportunities Trust FTSE SmallCap 305p 6.5p 2.13% 13-MarView Dividend Announcement 02-May 24-May
RCH Reach FTSE SmallCap 62.3p 3.77p 6.05% 25-FebView Dividend Announcement 09-May 07-Jun
GOCO Gocompare.com Group FTSE SmallCap 71.6p 0.8p 1.12% 28-FebView Dividend Announcement 09-May 28-May
RWA Robert Walters FTSE SmallCap 602p 10.7p 1.78% 01-MarView Dividend Announcement 09-May 03-Jun
FSFL Foresight Solar Fund FTSE SmallCap 115.5p 1.65p 1.43% 06-MarView Dividend Announcement 09-May 24-May
SIA Soco International FTSE SmallCap 68.6p 5.5p 8.02% 06-MarView Dividend Announcement 09-May 31-May
MACF Macfarlane Group FTSE SmallCap 96p 1.65p 1.72% 21-FebView Dividend Announcement 16-May 06-Jun
DTY Dignity FTSE SmallCap 706p 15.74p 2.23% 13-MarView Dividend Announcement 16-May 28-Jun
TOWN Town Centre Securities FTSE SmallCap 212p 3.25p 1.53% 26-FebView Dividend Announcement 23-May 21-Jun
TRS Tarsus Group FTSE SmallCap 303p 7.7p 2.54% 27-FebView Dividend Announcement 23-May 05-Jul
HNT Huntsworth FTSE SmallCap 86.2p 1.6p 1.86% 05-MarView Dividend Announcement 23-May 04-Jul
MNZS Menzies (John) FTSE SmallCap 490.5p 14.5p 2.96% 12-MarView Dividend Announcement 23-May 01-Jul
GYM The Gym Group FTSE SmallCap 219p 0.95p 0.43% 19-MarView Dividend Announcement 23-May 14-Jun
TEG Ten Entertainment Group FTSE SmallCap 216p 7.7p 3.56% 20-MarView Dividend Announcement 23-May 04-Jul
MCGN Microgen FTSE SmallCap 400p 4.4p 1.10% 25-MarView Dividend Announcement 23-May 30-May
MUT Murray Income Trust FTSE SmallCap 778p 8p 1.03% 04-DecView Dividend Announcement 30-May 28-Jun
SPI Spire Healthcare Group FTSE SmallCap 127.5p 2.5p 1.96% 28-FebView Dividend Announcement 30-May 25-Jun
KLR Keller Group FTSE SmallCap 620p 23.9p 3.85% 04-MarView Dividend Announcement 30-May 21-Jun
DFS DFS Furniture FTSE SmallCap 237.5p 3.7p 1.56% 14-MarView Dividend Announcement 30-May 19-Jun
MGP Medica Group FTSE SmallCap 132p 1.5p 1.14% 25-MarView Dividend Announcement 30-May 28-Jun
ARW Arrow Global Group FTSE SmallCap 215p 8.7p 4.05% 28-FebView Dividend Announcement 06-Jun 12-Jul
HEAD Headlam Group FTSE SmallCap 424.5p 17.45p 4.11% 06-MarView Dividend Announcement 06-Jun 01-Jul
FORT Forterra FTSE SmallCap 287.5p 7.2p 2.50% 12-MarView Dividend Announcement 13-Jun 04-Jul
MER Mears Group FTSE SmallCap 258p 8.85p 3.43% 19-MarView Dividend Announcement 13-Jun 04-Jul
SUS S & U FTSE SmallCap 1850p 51p 2.76% 26-MarView Dividend Announcement 20-Jun 12-Jul
GHG Georgia Healthcare Group FTSE SmallCap 197p GEL0.053 0.78% 26-MarView Dividend Announcement 27-Jun 12-Jul

Ex-Dividend Date

The ex-dividend date is the date which is used to decide which shareholders will receive a dividend payment. Shareholders who own shares in the company before the market opens on the ex-dividend date will receive a dividend payment. Shares bought on or after the ex-dividend date will not qualify for the dividend.

This page shows upcoming ex-dividend dates for FTSE SmallCap listed shares. In addition the following information is provided:

Dividend Declaration RNS - The 'Declaration Date' column contains a link to the RNS announcement which contains the dividend declaration by the company. This link can be used to confirm the information on this page and to obtain further information about the dividend and the company.

Div Impact - The 'Div Impact' column in the table shows the current declared dividend as a percentage of the current share price. This is the percentage the company's share price is expected to fall by when the market opens on the ex-dividend date.