Upcoming FTSE SmallCap Ex-Dividend Dates

EPIC Name Market Share Price Dividend Div Impact Declaration Date Ex-Dividend Date ▲ Payment Date
TEG Ten Entertainment Group FTSE SmallCap 228p 3.3p 1.45% 12-SepView Dividend Announcement 22-Nov 04-Jan
RIV River and Mercantile Group FTSE SmallCap 288p 5.5p 1.91% 24-SepView Dividend Announcement 22-Nov 14-Dec
FAN Volution Group FTSE SmallCap 174p 2.98p 1.71% 11-OctView Dividend Announcement 22-Nov 18-Dec
SCAM Scottish American Investment Company FTSE SmallCap 367p 2.9p 0.79% 08-NovView Dividend Announcement 22-Nov 19-Dec
BRWM BlackRock World Mining Trust FTSE SmallCap 344p 3p 0.87% 08-NovView Dividend Announcement 22-Nov 21-Dec
MCKS McKay Securities FTSE SmallCap 254p 2.8p 1.10% 12-NovView Dividend Announcement 22-Nov 03-Jan
SREI Schroder Real Estate Investment Trust FTSE SmallCap 55.6p 0.6355p 1.14% 13-NovView Dividend Announcement 22-Nov 05-Dec
ESP Empiric Student Property FTSE SmallCap 93p 1.25p 1.34% 14-NovView Dividend Announcement 22-Nov 07-Dec
VSL VPC Specialty Lending Investments FTSE SmallCap 81.6p 2p 2.45% 14-NovView Dividend Announcement 22-Nov 13-Dec
RGL Regional REIT FTSE SmallCap 99.5p 1.85p 1.86% 15-NovView Dividend Announcement 22-Nov 21-Dec
RESI Residential Secure Income FTSE SmallCap 93.6p 0.75p 0.80% 15-NovView Dividend Announcement 22-Nov 21-Dec
TRS Tarsus Group FTSE SmallCap 299p 3.3p 1.10% 26-JulView Dividend Announcement 29-Nov 11-Jan
HEAD Headlam Group FTSE SmallCap 450p 7.55p 1.68% 22-AugView Dividend Announcement 29-Nov 02-Jan
RDI RDI REIT FTSE SmallCap 34.5p 1.35p 3.91% 25-OctView Dividend Announcement 29-Nov 18-Dec
BRNA BlackRock North American Income Trust FTSE SmallCap 181.5p 2p 1.10% 01-NovView Dividend Announcement 29-Nov 04-Jan
RWI Renewi FTSE SmallCap 44p 0.95p 2.16% 08-NovView Dividend Announcement 29-Nov 04-Jan
CARR Carr's Group FTSE SmallCap 157.75p 2.35p 1.49% 12-NovView Dividend Announcement 29-Nov 11-Jan
NXR Norcros FTSE SmallCap 227p 2.8p 1.23% 15-NovView Dividend Announcement 29-Nov 11-Jan
TOWN Town Centre Securities FTSE SmallCap 247p 8.5p 3.44% 26-SepView Dividend Announcement 06-Dec 04-Jan
DFS DFS Furniture FTSE SmallCap 220.5p 7.5p 3.40% 04-OctView Dividend Announcement 06-Dec 27-Dec
SST Scottish Oriental Smaller Co Trust FTSE SmallCap 952p 11.5p 1.21% 16-OctView Dividend Announcement 06-Dec 18-Jan
JPGI JPMorgan Global Growth & Income FTSE SmallCap 309p 3.13p 1.01% 31-OctView Dividend Announcement 06-Dec 03-Jan
WIN Wincanton FTSE SmallCap 235p 3.6p 1.53% 08-NovView Dividend Announcement 06-Dec 11-Jan
XPP XP Power FTSE SmallCap 2460p 19p 0.77% 08-OctView Dividend Announcement 13-Dec 10-Jan
BWNG Brown (N.) Group FTSE SmallCap 120.2p 2.83p 2.35% 11-OctView Dividend Announcement 13-Dec 11-Jan
SDY Speedy Hire FTSE SmallCap 60.2p 0.6p 1.00% 14-NovView Dividend Announcement 13-Dec 25-Jan
HHI Henderson High Income Trust FTSE SmallCap 171p 2.425p 1.42% 15-NovView Dividend Announcement 13-Dec 26-Jan
AAS Aberdeen Asian Smaller Co's Inv Tst FTSE SmallCap 1000p 17p 1.70% 12-NovView Dividend Announcement 20-Dec 22-Jan
DIVI Diverse Income Trust FTSE SmallCap 98.6p 0.8p 0.81% 10-OctView Dividend Announcement 27-Dec 28-Feb
VIN Value and Income Trust FTSE SmallCap 270p 2.8p 1.04% 30-OctView Dividend Announcement 27-Dec 25-Jan
MCS McCarthy & Stone FTSE SmallCap 134.8p 3.5p 2.60% 13-NovView Dividend Announcement 03-Jan 01-Feb
AVON Avon Rubber FTSE SmallCap 1415p 10.68p 0.75% 14-NovView Dividend Announcement 14-Feb 15-Mar
OXIG Oxford Instruments FTSE SmallCap 940p 3.8p 0.40% 13-NovView Dividend Announcement 28-Feb 08-Apr
TRI Trifast FTSE SmallCap 219p 1.2p 0.55% 13-NovView Dividend Announcement 14-Mar 11-Apr
VIN Value and Income Trust FTSE SmallCap 270p 2.8p 1.04% 30-OctView Dividend Announcement 28-Mar 26-Apr

Ex-Dividend Date

The ex-dividend date is the date which is used to decide which shareholders will receive a dividend payment. Shareholders who own shares in the company before the market opens on the ex-dividend date will receive a dividend payment. Shares bought on or after the ex-dividend date will not qualify for the dividend.

This page shows upcoming ex-dividend dates for FTSE SmallCap listed shares. In addition the following information is provided:

Dividend Declaration RNS - The 'Declaration Date' column contains a link to the RNS announcement which contains the dividend declaration by the company. This link can be used to confirm the information on this page and to obtain further information about the dividend and the company.

Div Impact - The 'Div Impact' column in the table shows the current declared dividend as a percentage of the current share price. This is the percentage the company's share price is expected to fall by when the market opens on the ex-dividend date.