Upcoming FTSE SmallCap Ex-Dividend Dates

EPIC Name Market Share Price Dividend Div Impact Declaration
Date ▲
PINE Pinewood Technologies Group FTSE SmallCap 39.3p 24.5p 62.34%* 05-AprView 05-Apr PINE Dividend Announcement 23-Apr 07-May
AJOT AVI Japan Opportunity Trust FTSE SmallCap 130p 0.85p 0.65% 14-MarView 14-Mar AJOT Dividend Announcement 25-Apr 24-May
HWG Harworth Group FTSE SmallCap 134.5p 1.022p 0.76% 19-MarView 19-Mar HWG Dividend Announcement 25-Apr 24-May
WIX Wickes Group FTSE SmallCap 152p 7.3p 4.80% 19-MarView 19-Mar WIX Dividend Announcement 25-Apr 06-Jun
SBRE Sabre Insurance Group FTSE SmallCap 174.6p 8.1p 4.64% 19-MarView 19-Mar SBRE Dividend Announcement 25-Apr 05-Jun
STB Secure Trust Bank FTSE SmallCap 696p 16.2p 2.33% 21-MarView 21-Mar STB Dividend Announcement 25-Apr 23-May
CYN CQS Natural Resources Growth and Income FTSE SmallCap 183p 1.26p 0.69% 10-AprView 10-Apr CYN Dividend Announcement 25-Apr 28-May
HFEL Henderson Far East Income FTSE SmallCap 230.5p 6.1p 2.65% 16-AprView 16-Apr HFEL Dividend Announcement 25-Apr 31-May
IVPU Invesco Select Trust UK Equity FTSE SmallCap 172.5p 2.55p 1.48% 16-AprView 16-Apr IVPU Dividend Announcement 25-Apr 10-May
AAIF abrdn Asian Income Fund FTSE SmallCap 207p 2.55p 1.23% 16-AprView 16-Apr AAIF Dividend Announcement 25-Apr 24-May
JCH JPMorgan Claverhouse IT FTSE SmallCap 706p 8.25p 1.17% 17-AprView 17-Apr JCH Dividend Announcement 25-Apr 03-Jun
PRV Porvair FTSE SmallCap 602p 4p 0.66% 05-FebView 05-Feb PRV Dividend Announcement 02-May 05-Jun
RWA Robert Walters FTSE SmallCap 392p 17p 4.34% 07-MarView 07-Mar RWA Dividend Announcement 02-May 31-May
ALFA Alfa Financial Software Holdings FTSE SmallCap 161.2p 2p 1.24% 14-MarView 14-Mar ALFA Dividend Announcement 02-May 30-May
ZTF Zotefoams FTSE SmallCap 382p 4.9p 1.28% 19-MarView 19-Mar ZTF Dividend Announcement 02-May 03-Jun
BOOT Boot (Henry) FTSE SmallCap 181p 4.4p 2.43% 25-MarView 25-Mar BOOT Dividend Announcement 02-May 31-May
DIG Dunedin Income Growth Investment Trust FTSE SmallCap 280p 4.15p 1.48% 04-AprView 04-Apr DIG Dividend Announcement 02-May 31-May
GOT Global Opportunities Trust FTSE SmallCap 294p 5p 1.70% 10-AprView 10-Apr GOT Dividend Announcement 02-May 31-May
MACF Macfarlane Group FTSE SmallCap 143p 2.65p 1.85% 29-FebView 29-Feb MACF Dividend Announcement 09-May 30-May
RCH Reach FTSE SmallCap 68.9p 4.46p 6.47% 05-MarView 05-Mar RCH Dividend Announcement 09-May 31-May
HEAD Headlam Group FTSE SmallCap 177p 6p 3.39% 05-MarView 05-Mar HEAD Dividend Announcement 09-May 07-Jun
ARR Aurora Investment Trust FTSE SmallCap 244p 3.45p 1.41% 27-MarView 27-Mar ARR Dividend Announcement 09-May 20-Jun
OCN Ocean Wilsons Holdings FTSE SmallCap 1370p $0.85 5.02% 25-MarView 25-Mar OCN Dividend Announcement 16-May 14-Jun
APTD Aptitude Software Group FTSE SmallCap 306p 3.6p 1.18% 21-MarView 21-Mar APTD Dividend Announcement 23-May 14-Jun
CNE Capricorn Energy FTSE SmallCap 168.4p 43p 25.53%* 17-AprView 17-Apr CNE Dividend Announcement 24-May 07-Jun
ALFA Alfa Financial Software Holdings FTSE SmallCap 161.2p 1.3p 0.81% 14-MarView 14-Mar ALFA Dividend Announcement 30-May 27-Jun
ULTP Ultimate Products FTSE SmallCap 169p 2.45p 1.45% 09-AprView 09-Apr ULTP Dividend Announcement 30-May 28-Jun
FDM FDM Group (Holdings) FTSE SmallCap 329.5p 19p 5.77% 20-MarView 20-Mar FDM Dividend Announcement 06-Jun 28-Jun
FORT Forterra FTSE SmallCap 157.4p 2p 1.27% 26-MarView 26-Mar FORT Dividend Announcement 13-Jun 05-Jul
PHAR Pharos Energy FTSE SmallCap 23.7p 0.77p 3.25% 27-MarView 27-Mar PHAR Dividend Announcement 13-Jun 19-Jul
BGCG Baillie Gifford China Growth Trust FTSE SmallCap 192p 2p 1.04% 03-AprView 03-Apr BGCG Dividend Announcement 20-Jun 24-Jul
SUS S & U FTSE SmallCap 1910p 50p 2.62% 09-AprView 09-Apr SUS Dividend Announcement 20-Jun 12-Jul

* indicates special dividend accompanied by a share consolidation so no effect on share price on ex-dividend date

Ex-Dividend Date

The ex-dividend date is the date which is used to decide which shareholders will receive a dividend payment. Shareholders who own shares in the company before the market opens on the ex-dividend date will receive a dividend payment. Shares bought on or after the ex-dividend date will not qualify for the dividend.

This page shows upcoming ex-dividend dates for FTSE SmallCap listed shares. In addition the following information is provided:

Dividend Declaration RNS - The 'Declaration Date' column contains a link to the RNS announcement which contains the dividend declaration by the company. This link can be used to confirm the information on this page and to obtain further information about the dividend and the company.

Div Impact - The 'Div Impact' column in the table shows the current declared dividend as a percentage of the current share price. This is the percentage the company's share price is expected to fall by when the market opens on the ex-dividend date.

Past Ex-Dividend Dates

A full list of previous FTSE SmallCap ex dividend dates can be found on the past ex dividend dates page.