Upcoming FTSE 250 Ex-Dividend Dates

EPIC Name Market Share Price Dividend Div Impact Declaration Date Ex-Dividend Date ▲ Payment Date
CEY Centamin FTSE 250 154.1p $0.1 4.62% 31-JanView Dividend Announcement 22-Mar 06-Apr
DNLM Dunelm Group FTSE 250 545p 7p 1.28% 20-FebView Dividend Announcement 22-Mar 13-Apr
MGGT Meggitt FTSE 250 449.8p 10.8p 2.40% 27-FebView Dividend Announcement 22-Mar 04-May
STOB Stobart Group FTSE 250 230p 4.5p 1.96% 08-MarView Dividend Announcement 22-Mar 13-Apr
GVC GVC Holdings FTSE 250 957.5p €0.175 1.61% 09-MarView Dividend Announcement 22-Mar 03-May
CBG Close Brothers Group FTSE 250 1460p 21p 1.44% 13-MarView Dividend Announcement 22-Mar 25-Apr
FEV Fidelity European Values FTSE 250 215p 4.35p 2.02% 15-MarView Dividend Announcement 22-Mar 18-May
KIE Kier Group FTSE 250 974p 23p 2.36% 15-MarView Dividend Announcement 22-Mar 18-May
PHNX Phoenix Group Holdings FTSE 250 781.5p 25.1p 3.21% 15-MarView Dividend Announcement 22-Mar 04-May
OSB OneSavings Bank FTSE 250 372p 9.3p 2.50% 15-MarView Dividend Announcement 22-Mar 16-May
JLT Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group FTSE 250 1296p 21.8p 1.68% 28-FebView Dividend Announcement 29-Mar 08-May
BVS Bovis Homes Group FTSE 250 1171p 32.5p 2.78% 01-MarView Dividend Announcement 29-Mar 25-May
FRCL Foreign & Colonial Inv Trust FTSE 250 635p 2.7p 0.43% 07-MarView Dividend Announcement 29-Mar 01-May
CLI CLS Holdings FTSE 250 232.5p 4.3p 1.85% 07-MarView Dividend Announcement 29-Mar 27-Apr
RDW Redrow FTSE 250 590p 9p 1.53% 07-FebView Dividend Announcement 05-Apr 04-May
CTEC ConvaTec Group FTSE 250 192.35p $0.043 1.59% 15-FebView Dividend Announcement 05-Apr 17-May
MRO Melrose Industries FTSE 250 222.6p 2.8p 1.26% 20-FebView Dividend Announcement 05-Apr 21-May
GOG Go-Ahead Group FTSE 250 1673p 30.17p 1.80% 22-FebView Dividend Announcement 05-Apr 20-Apr
MONY Moneysupermarket.com Group FTSE 250 291.1p 7.6p 2.61% 22-FebView Dividend Announcement 05-Apr 15-May
RCP RIT Capital Partners FTSE 250 1900p 16.5p 0.87% 27-FebView Dividend Announcement 05-Apr 30-Apr
FSJ Fisher (James) & Sons FTSE 250 1610p 19.3p 1.20% 27-FebView Dividend Announcement 05-Apr 11-May
VM. Virgin Money Holdings (UK) FTSE 250 264.4p 4.1p 1.55% 27-FebView Dividend Announcement 05-Apr 16-May
TPK Travis Perkins FTSE 250 1284.5p 30.5p 2.37% 28-FebView Dividend Announcement 05-Apr 11-May
IMI IMI FTSE 250 1111p 25.2p 2.27% 02-MarView Dividend Announcement 05-Apr 18-May
ULE Ultra Electronics Holdings FTSE 250 1399p 35p 2.50% 05-MarView Dividend Announcement 05-Apr 03-May
ROR Rotork FTSE 250 280p 3.35p 1.20% 06-MarView Dividend Announcement 05-Apr 23-May
MYI Murray International Trust FTSE 250 1200p 17p 1.42% 09-MarView Dividend Announcement 05-Apr 18-May
TCAP TP ICAP FTSE 250 479.1p 11.25p 2.35% 13-MarView Dividend Announcement 05-Apr 17-May
HIK Hikma Pharmaceuticals FTSE 250 1102p $0.23 1.49% 14-MarView Dividend Announcement 05-Apr 24-May
FGT Finsbury Growth & Income Trust FTSE 250 745p 7.2p 0.97% 14-MarView Dividend Announcement 05-Apr 17-May
UTG Unite Group FTSE 250 779.5p 15.4p 1.98% 21-FebView Dividend Announcement 12-Apr 18-May
MERL Merlin Entertainments FTSE 250 355.9p 5p 1.40% 01-MarView Dividend Announcement 12-Apr 17-May
BBA BBA Aviation FTSE 250 325.8p $0.0959 2.10% 01-MarView Dividend Announcement 12-Apr 25-May
VSVS Vesuvius FTSE 250 607p 12.5p 2.06% 01-MarView Dividend Announcement 12-Apr 25-May
ESUR esure Group FTSE 250 221p 9.4p 4.25% 07-MarView Dividend Announcement 12-Apr 25-May
EQN Equiniti Group FTSE 250 309.5p 2.73p 0.88% 07-MarView Dividend Announcement 12-Apr 17-May
SVS Savills FTSE 250 987.5p 25.55p 2.59% 15-MarView Dividend Announcement 12-Apr 14-May
SSPG SSP Group FTSE 250 612.5p 20.9p 3.41%* 25-JanView Dividend Announcement 16-Apr 27-Apr
CAPC Capital & Counties Properties FTSE 250 272.1p 1p 0.37% 21-FebView Dividend Announcement 19-Apr 23-May
INTU Intu Properties FTSE 250 210.5p 9.4p 4.47% 22-FebView Dividend Announcement 19-Apr 17-May
RAT Rathbone Brothers FTSE 250 2556p 39p 1.53% 22-FebView Dividend Announcement 19-Apr 14-May
GRG Greggs FTSE 250 1196p 22p 1.84% 27-FebView Dividend Announcement 19-Apr 18-May
DRX Drax Group FTSE 250 274.4p 7.4p 2.70% 27-FebView Dividend Announcement 19-Apr 11-May
UBM UBM FTSE 250 940p 18p 1.91% 28-FebView Dividend Announcement 19-Apr 24-May
AGK Aggreko FTSE 250 732.2p 17.74p 2.42% 06-MarView Dividend Announcement 19-Apr 22-May
BOY Bodycote FTSE 250 930p 37.1p 3.99% 06-MarView Dividend Announcement 19-Apr 01-Jun
JLG John Laing Group FTSE 250 254p 7.17p 2.82% 08-MarView Dividend Announcement 19-Apr 18-May
ISAT Inmarsat FTSE 250 392.5p $0.12 2.18% 09-MarView Dividend Announcement 19-Apr 25-May
BBY Balfour Beatty FTSE 250 282.6p 2.4p 0.85% 14-MarView Dividend Announcement 19-Apr 06-Jul
BNKR Bankers Investment Trust FTSE 250 854p 4.86p 0.57% 21-FebView Dividend Announcement 26-Apr 31-May
WMH William Hill FTSE 250 334p 8.94p 2.68% 23-FebView Dividend Announcement 26-Apr 07-Jun
EMG Man Group FTSE 250 173.55p 4.18p 2.41% 28-FebView Dividend Announcement 26-Apr 18-May
WEIR Weir Group FTSE 250 1910p 29p 1.52% 28-FebView Dividend Announcement 26-Apr 04-Jun
NEX National Express Group FTSE 250 392.4p 9.25p 2.36% 01-MarView Dividend Announcement 26-Apr 21-May
PFC Petrofac FTSE 250 487p $0.253 3.70% 01-MarView Dividend Announcement 26-Apr 25-May
IWG IWG FTSE 250 236.5p 3.95p 1.67% 06-MarView Dividend Announcement 26-Apr 25-May
SPX Spirax-Sarco Engineering FTSE 250 5880p 62p 1.05% 15-MarView Dividend Announcement 26-Apr 25-May
PTEC Playtech FTSE 250 754.2p €0.239 2.79% 22-FebView Dividend Announcement 03-May 01-Jun
RMV Rightmove FTSE 250 4237p 36p 0.85% 23-FebView Dividend Announcement 03-May 01-Jun
SNR Senior FTSE 250 302.8p 4.9p 1.62% 26-FebView Dividend Announcement 03-May 31-May
MGAM Morgan Advanced Materials FTSE 250 331.8p 7p 2.11% 27-FebView Dividend Announcement 03-May 25-May
DLN Derwent London FTSE 250 3107p 117.4p 3.78% 27-FebView Dividend Announcement 03-May 08-Jun
COA Coats Group FTSE 250 79.6p $0.01 0.89% 27-FebView Dividend Announcement 03-May 29-May
ELM Elementis FTSE 250 305.2p 4.3463p 1.42% 27-FebView Dividend Announcement 03-May 01-Jun
HSTG Hastings Group Holdings FTSE 250 262.2p 8.5p 3.24% 01-MarView Dividend Announcement 03-May 31-May
JUST Just Group FTSE 250 130p 2.55p 1.96% 15-MarView Dividend Announcement 03-May 25-May
JDW Wetherspoon (JD) FTSE 250 1190p 4p 0.34% 16-MarView Dividend Announcement 03-May 31-May
FDSA Fidessa Group FTSE 250 3720p 79.7p 2.14% 19-FebView Dividend Announcement 10-May 07-Jun
HOC Hochschild Mining FTSE 250 196.05p $0.01965 0.71% 21-FebView Dividend Announcement 10-May 01-Jun
HSX Hiscox FTSE 250 1454p 19.5p 1.34% 26-FebView Dividend Announcement 10-May 12-Jun
IBST Ibstock FTSE 250 278.2p 6.5p 2.34% 06-MarView Dividend Announcement 10-May 08-Jun
POLY Polymetal International FTSE 250 731.4p $0.3 2.92% 12-MarView Dividend Announcement 10-May 23-May
ASCL Ascential FTSE 250 417p 3.8p 0.91% 26-FebView Dividend Announcement 17-May 15-Jun
INCH Inchcape FTSE 250 682p 18.9p 2.77% 27-FebView Dividend Announcement 17-May 22-Jun
PAGE PageGroup FTSE 250 531p 8.6p 1.62% 07-MarView Dividend Announcement 17-May 18-Jun
CKN Clarkson FTSE 250 3330p 50p 1.50% 12-MarView Dividend Announcement 17-May 01-Jun
DTY Dignity FTSE 250 973p 15.74p 1.62% 14-MarView Dividend Announcement 17-May 29-Jun
SXS Spectris FTSE 250 2659p 37.5p 1.41% 19-FebView Dividend Announcement 24-May 29-Jun
HWDN Howden Joinery Group FTSE 250 474p 7.5p 1.58% 01-MarView Dividend Announcement 24-May 22-Jun
FDM FDM Group (Holdings) FTSE 250 995p 14p 1.41% 07-MarView Dividend Announcement 24-May 15-Jun
HILS Hill & Smith Holdings FTSE 250 1317p 20.6p 1.56% 07-MarView Dividend Announcement 24-May 02-Jul
SPI Spire Healthcare Group FTSE 250 217p 2.5p 1.15% 02-MarView Dividend Announcement 31-May 26-Jun
CCC Computacenter FTSE 250 1188p 18.7p 1.57% 13-MarView Dividend Announcement 31-May 29-Jun
SYNT Synthomer FTSE 250 490.6p 8.5p 1.73% 01-MarView Dividend Announcement 07-Jun 06-Jul
SHI SIG FTSE 250 135.4p 2.5p 1.85% 09-MarView Dividend Announcement 07-Jun 06-Jul
MSLH Marshalls FTSE 250 435p 10.8p 2.48% 14-MarView Dividend Announcement 07-Jun 29-Jun
CINE Cineworld Group FTSE 250 241p 3.1p 1.29% 15-MarView Dividend Announcement 07-Jun 06-Jul

* indicates special dividend accompanied by a share consolidation

Ex-Dividend Date

The ex-dividend date is the date which is used to decide which shareholders will receive a dividend payment. Shareholders who own shares in the company before the market opens on the ex-dividend date will receive a dividend payment. Shares bought on or after the ex-dividend date will not qualify for the dividend.

This page shows upcoming ex-dividend dates for FTSE 250 listed shares. In addition the following information is provided:

Dividend Declaration RNS - The 'Declaration Date' column contains a link to the RNS announcement which contains the dividend declaration by the company. This link can be used to confirm the information on this page and to obtain further information about the dividend and the company.

Div Impact - The 'Div Impact' column in the table shows the current declared dividend as a percentage of the current share price. This is the percentage the company's share price is expected to fall by when the market opens on the ex-dividend date.