Upcoming FTSE 250 Ex-Dividend Dates

EPIC Name Market Share Price Dividend Type Div Impact Declaration Date Ex-Dividend Date ▲ Payment Date
SOPH Sophos Group FTSE 250 404.1p $0.037 Final 0.73% 16-MayView Dividend Announcement 19-Sep 11-Oct
CRST Crest Nicholson Holdings FTSE 250 396.4p 11.2p Interim 2.83% 11-JunView Dividend Announcement 19-Sep 04-Oct
BCA BCA Marketplace FTSE 250 242p 6.65p Final 2.75% 26-JunView Dividend Announcement 19-Sep 30-Sep
UTG Unite Group FTSE 250 1052p 10.25p Interim 0.97% 23-JulView Dividend Announcement 19-Sep 01-Nov
DRX Drax Group FTSE 250 300.8p 6.4p Interim 2.13% 24-JulView Dividend Announcement 19-Sep 11-Oct
EQN Equiniti Group FTSE 250 213.4p 1.95p Interim 0.91% 02-AugView Dividend Announcement 19-Sep 25-Oct
RNK Rank Group FTSE 250 184.2p 5.5p Final 2.99% 22-AugView Dividend Announcement 19-Sep 29-Oct
PTEC Playtech FTSE 250 433.9p €0.061 Interim 1.25% 22-AugView Dividend Announcement 19-Sep 22-Oct
PFC Petrofac FTSE 250 441.2p $0.127 Interim 2.31% 28-AugView Dividend Announcement 19-Sep 18-Oct
DNLM Dunelm Group FTSE 250 864p 32p Special 3.70% 04-SepView Dividend Announcement 19-Sep 11-Oct
RDW Redrow FTSE 250 643p 20.5p Final 3.19% 05-SepView Dividend Announcement 19-Sep 13-Nov
PPH PPHE Hotel Group FTSE 250 1780p 17p Interim 0.96% 05-SepView Dividend Announcement 19-Sep 15-Oct
INPP International Public Partnerships FTSE 250 163.2p 3.59p Interim 2.20% 06-SepView Dividend Announcement 19-Sep 07-Nov
HGT HgCapital Trust FTSE 250 234p 1.8p Interim 0.77% 09-SepView Dividend Announcement 19-Sep 25-Oct
BAKK Bakkavor Group FTSE 250 116.6p 2p Interim 1.72% 10-SepView Dividend Announcement 19-Sep 11-Oct
SNN Sanne Group FTSE 250 567p 4.7p Interim 0.83% 10-SepView Dividend Announcement 19-Sep 18-Oct
KNOS Kainos Group FTSE 250 437p 6.5p Final 1.49% 28-MayView Dividend Announcement 26-Sep 25-Oct
IGG IG Group Holdings FTSE 250 588.8p 30.24p Final 5.14% 23-JulView Dividend Announcement 26-Sep 24-Oct
RSW Renishaw FTSE 250 4014p 46p Final 1.15% 01-AugView Dividend Announcement 26-Sep 31-Oct
FEV Fidelity European Values FTSE 250 251.5p 2.59p Interim 1.03% 02-AugView Dividend Announcement 26-Sep 01-Nov
ESNT Essentra FTSE 250 425.8p 6.3p Interim 1.48% 02-AugView Dividend Announcement 26-Sep 30-Oct
JLG John Laing Group FTSE 250 359p 1.84p Interim 0.51% 22-AugView Dividend Announcement 26-Sep 25-Oct
GFTU Grafton Group FTSE 250 763p 6.5p Interim 1 0.85% 30-AugView Dividend Announcement 26-Sep 11-Oct
BVS Bovis Homes Group FTSE 250 1135p 20.5p Interim 1.81% 10-SepView Dividend Announcement 26-Sep 22-Nov
DJAN Daejan Holdings FTSE 250 5200p 71p Final 1.37% 23-JulView Dividend Announcement 03-Oct 01-Nov
TPK Travis Perkins FTSE 250 1400p 15.5p Interim 1.11% 31-JulView Dividend Announcement 03-Oct 08-Nov
RCP RIT Capital Partners FTSE 250 2170p 17p Interim 2 0.78% 05-AugView Dividend Announcement 03-Oct 31-Oct
SYNT Synthomer FTSE 250 342p 4p Interim 1.17% 06-AugView Dividend Announcement 03-Oct 05-Nov
TCAP TP ICAP FTSE 250 339.4p 5.6p Interim 1.65% 06-AugView Dividend Announcement 03-Oct 08-Nov
HSTG Hastings Group Holdings FTSE 250 204.4p 4.5p Interim 2.20% 08-AugView Dividend Announcement 03-Oct 08-Nov
MYI Murray International Trust FTSE 250 1212p 12p Q2 0.99% 08-AugView Dividend Announcement 03-Oct 19-Nov
KAZ KAZ Minerals FTSE 250 459.8p 3.3032p Interim 0.72% 15-AugView Dividend Announcement 03-Oct 25-Oct
FSJ Fisher (James) & Sons FTSE 250 2085p 11.3p Interim 0.54% 28-AugView Dividend Announcement 03-Oct 01-Nov
HTG Hunting FTSE 250 491p $0.05 Interim 0.82% 29-AugView Dividend Announcement 03-Oct 23-Oct
HAS Hays FTSE 250 155.3p 8.29p Final
5.34% 29-AugView Dividend Announcement 03-Oct 15-Nov
SHI SIG FTSE 250 129.6p 1.25p Interim 0.96% 06-SepView Dividend Announcement 03-Oct 08-Nov
SCIN Scottish Investment Trust FTSE 250 835p 5.3p Q3 0.63% 12-SepView Dividend Announcement 03-Oct 01-Nov
BOY Bodycote FTSE 250 760.5p 6p Interim 0.79% 25-JulView Dividend Announcement 10-Oct 08-Nov
COB Cobham FTSE 250 159.75p 0.4p Interim 0.25% 25-JulView Dividend Announcement 10-Oct 08-Nov
SXS Spectris FTSE 250 2509p 21.9p Interim 0.87% 30-JulView Dividend Announcement 10-Oct 08-Nov
WEIR Weir Group FTSE 250 1584p 16.5p Interim 1.04% 30-JulView Dividend Announcement 10-Oct 05-Nov
MSLH Marshalls FTSE 250 682p 4.7p Interim 0.69% 15-AugView Dividend Announcement 17-Oct 04-Dec
HWDN Howden Joinery Group FTSE 250 560.6p 3.9p Interim 0.70% 25-JulView Dividend Announcement 24-Oct 22-Nov
COA Coats Group FTSE 250 78.75p $0.0055 Interim 0.56% 01-AugView Dividend Announcement 24-Oct 15-Nov
WMH William Hill FTSE 250 186.95p 2.66p Interim 1.42% 09-AugView Dividend Announcement 24-Oct 28-Nov
BBY Balfour Beatty FTSE 250 239.2p 2.1p Interim 0.88% 14-AugView Dividend Announcement 24-Oct 06-Dec
DPH Dechra Pharmaceuticals FTSE 250 2890p 22.1p Final 0.76% 02-SepView Dividend Announcement 24-Oct 15-Nov
CTY City of London Investment Trust FTSE 250 420.5p 4.75p Q1 1.13% 12-SepView Dividend Announcement 24-Oct 29-Nov
JDW Wetherspoon (JD) FTSE 250 1550p 8p Final 0.52% 13-SepView Dividend Announcement 24-Oct 28-Nov
MGAM Morgan Advanced Materials FTSE 250 264.6p 4p Interim 1.51% 25-JulView Dividend Announcement 31-Oct 22-Nov
SNR Senior FTSE 250 205.6p 2.28p Interim 1.11% 05-AugView Dividend Announcement 31-Oct 29-Nov
DNLM Dunelm Group FTSE 250 864p 20.5p Final 2.37% 04-SepView Dividend Announcement 31-Oct 22-Nov
GOG Go-Ahead Group FTSE 250 1999p 71.91p Final 3.60% 05-SepView Dividend Announcement 31-Oct 22-Nov
ASHM Ashmore Group FTSE 250 480.6p 12.1p Final 2.52% 06-SepView Dividend Announcement 31-Oct 06-Dec
HFG Hilton Food Group FTSE 250 991p 6p Interim 0.61% 10-SepView Dividend Announcement 31-Oct 29-Nov
GNS Genus FTSE 250 2902p 18.8p Final 0.65% 05-SepView Dividend Announcement 07-Nov 29-Nov
GFRD Galliford Try FTSE 250 700.5p 35p Final 5.00% 11-SepView Dividend Announcement 07-Nov 04-Dec
PSH Pershing Square Holdings FTSE 250 1560p $0.1 Q4 0.51% 13-FebView Dividend Announcement 21-Nov 20-Dec
HILS Hill & Smith Holdings FTSE 250 1190p 10.6p Interim 0.89% 07-AugView Dividend Announcement 28-Nov 03-Jan
CINE Cineworld Group FTSE 250 241.2p $0.0375 Q3 1.25% 14-MarView Dividend Announcement 12-Dec 10-Jan
RHIM RHI Magnesita N.V. FTSE 250 4290p €0.5 Interim 1.04% 12-AugView Dividend Announcement 19-Dec 09-Jan

Ex-Dividend Date

The ex-dividend date is the date which is used to decide which shareholders will receive a dividend payment. Shareholders who own shares in the company before the market opens on the ex-dividend date will receive a dividend payment. Shares bought on or after the ex-dividend date will not qualify for the dividend.

This page shows upcoming ex-dividend dates for FTSE 250 listed shares. In addition the following information is provided:

Dividend Declaration RNS - The 'Declaration Date' column contains a link to the RNS announcement which contains the dividend declaration by the company. This link can be used to confirm the information on this page and to obtain further information about the dividend and the company.

Div Impact - The 'Div Impact' column in the table shows the current declared dividend as a percentage of the current share price. This is the percentage the company's share price is expected to fall by when the market opens on the ex-dividend date.