Upcoming AIM Ex-Dividend Dates

EPIC Name Market Share Price Dividend Div Impact Declaration
Date ▲
PPHC Public Policy Holding Company AIM 126p $0.097 6.23% 13-MarView 13-Mar PPHC Dividend Announcement 25-Apr 24-May
TIG Team Internet Group AIM 139.2p 2p 1.44% 18-MarView 18-Mar TIG Dividend Announcement 25-Apr 28-May
MAB1 Mortgage Advice Bureau (Holdings) AIM 908p 14.7p 1.62% 19-MarView 19-Mar MAB1 Dividend Announcement 25-Apr 29-May
MPE M. P. Evans Group AIM 826p 32.5p 3.93% 19-MarView 19-Mar MPE Dividend Announcement 25-Apr 19-Jun
CAML Central Asia Metals AIM 204.5p 9p 4.40% 25-MarView 25-Mar CAML Dividend Announcement 25-Apr 22-May
PMP Portmeirion Group AIM 228p 2p 0.88% 26-MarView 26-Mar PMP Dividend Announcement 25-Apr 31-May
SEED SEED Innovations AIM 2.8p 1p 35.71% 16-AprView 16-Apr SEED Dividend Announcement 25-Apr 13-May
AT. Ashtead Technology Holdings AIM 742p 1.1p 0.15% 16-AprView 16-Apr AT. Dividend Announcement 02-May 03-Jun
MIDW Midwich Group AIM 440p 11p 2.50% 19-MarView 19-Mar MIDW Dividend Announcement 09-May 14-Jun
SAA M&C Saatchi AIM 183.5p 1.6p 0.87% 10-AprView 10-Apr SAA Dividend Announcement 09-May 24-Jun
EPWN Epwin Group AIM 86p 2.8p 3.26% 10-AprView 10-Apr EPWN Dividend Announcement 09-May 05-Jun
BMTO Braime Group AIM 1900p 9.5p 0.50% 22-AprView 22-Apr BMTO Dividend Announcement 09-May 24-May
FRP FRP Advisory Group AIM 120.5p 0.9p 0.75% 14-FebView 14-Feb FRP Dividend Announcement 16-May 14-Jun
FEVR Fevertree Drinks AIM 1085p 10.9p 1.00% 26-MarView 26-Mar FEVR Dividend Announcement 16-May 21-Jun
JHD James Halstead AIM 200p 2.5p 1.25% 27-MarView 27-Mar JHD Dividend Announcement 16-May 14-Jun
CHH Churchill China AIM 1200p 25p 2.08% 10-AprView 10-Apr CHH Dividend Announcement 16-May 17-Jun
VCAP Vector Capital AIM 29p 1.53p 5.28% 19-AprView 19-Apr VCAP Dividend Announcement 16-May 03-Jun
AVG Avingtrans AIM 405p 1.8p 0.44% 28-FebView 28-Feb AVG Dividend Announcement 23-May 21-Jun
MCON Mincon Group AIM 44p €0.0105 2.06% 11-MarView 11-Mar MCON Dividend Announcement 23-May 14-Jun
KWS Keywords Studios AIM 1172p 1.76p 0.15% 13-MarView 13-Mar KWS Dividend Announcement 23-May 28-Jun
BUR Burford Capital AIM 1209p $0.0625 0.42% 14-MarView 14-Mar BUR Dividend Announcement 23-May 14-Jun
FNTL Fintel AIM 275p 2.35p 0.85% 19-MarView 19-Mar FNTL Dividend Announcement 23-May 19-Jun
EMR Empresaria Group AIM 37.5p 1p 2.67% 26-MarView 26-Mar EMR Dividend Announcement 23-May 13-Jun
NIOX Niox Group AIM 65.8p 1p 1.52% 04-AprView 04-Apr NIOX Dividend Announcement 23-May 24-Jun
OGN Origin Enterprises AIM €3.21 €0.0315 0.98% 05-MarView 05-Mar OGN Dividend Announcement 30-May 21-Jun
HAT H&T Group AIM 406p 10.5p 2.59% 12-MarView 12-Mar HAT Dividend Announcement 30-May 28-Jun
AMS Advanced Medical Solutions Group AIM 187.6p 1.66p 0.88% 13-MarView 13-Mar AMS Dividend Announcement 30-May 21-Jun
YU. Yu Group AIM 1930p 37p 1.92% 19-MarView 19-Mar YU. Dividend Announcement 30-May 20-Jun
GAMA Gamma Communications AIM 1316p 11.4p 0.87% 25-MarView 25-Mar GAMA Dividend Announcement 30-May 20-Jun
SPSY Spectra Systems Corporation AIM 218p $0.116 4.31% 27-MarView 27-Mar SPSY Dividend Announcement 04-Jun 23-Jun
RST Restore AIM 213p 3.35p 1.57% 14-MarView 14-Mar RST Dividend Announcement 06-Jun 09-Jul
JDG Judges Scientific AIM 10450p 68p 0.65% 21-MarView 21-Mar JDG Dividend Announcement 06-Jun 05-Jul
RBN Robinson AIM 100p 3p 3.00% 22-MarView 22-Mar RBN Dividend Announcement 06-Jun 21-Jun
RTC RTC Group AIM 82.5p 4.5p 5.45% 25-MarView 25-Mar RTC Dividend Announcement 06-Jun 08-Jul
MBH Michelmersh Brick Holdings AIM 100p 3p 3.00% 26-MarView 26-Mar MBH Dividend Announcement 06-Jun 10-Jul
GEM Gemfields Group AIM 11.63p $0.00857 5.97% 25-MarView 25-Mar GEM Dividend Announcement 06-Jun 24-Jun
SAAS Microlise Group AIM 166.5p 1.725p 1.04% 09-AprView 09-Apr SAAS Dividend Announcement 06-Jun 28-Jun
LTG Learning Technologies Group AIM 79.5p 1.21p 1.52% 16-AprView 16-Apr LTG Dividend Announcement 06-Jun 28-Jun
BILN Billington Holdings AIM 520p 33p 6.35% 16-AprView 16-Apr BILN Dividend Announcement 06-Jun 02-Jul
EQLS Equals Group AIM 130.5p 1p 0.77% 16-AprView 16-Apr EQLS Dividend Announcement 06-Jun 28-Jun
KEYS Keystone Law Group AIM 648p 12.5p 1.93% 18-AprView 18-Apr KEYS Dividend Announcement 13-Jun 21-Jun
SAG Science Group AIM 415p 8p 1.93% 21-MarView 21-Mar SAG Dividend Announcement 20-Jun 19-Jul
FLO Flowtech Fluidpower AIM 98p 2.2p 2.24% 26-MarView 26-Mar FLO Dividend Announcement 20-Jun 19-Jul
INSE Inspired AIM 63.5p 1.5p 2.36% 26-MarView 26-Mar INSE Dividend Announcement 20-Jun 26-Jul
ANCR Animalcare Group AIM 217p 3p 1.38% 09-AprView 09-Apr ANCR Dividend Announcement 20-Jun 19-Jul
TST Touchstar AIM 87.5p 1.5p 1.71% 17-AprView 17-Apr TST Dividend Announcement 20-Jun 19-Jul
NFG Next 15 Group AIM 888p 10.6p 1.19% 16-AprView 16-Apr NFG Dividend Announcement 04-Jul 09-Aug
ANP Anpario AIM 250p 7.5p 3.00% 20-MarView 20-Mar ANP Dividend Announcement 11-Jul 26-Jul
NXQ Nexteq AIM 152.5p 3.3p 2.16% 13-MarView 13-Mar NXQ Dividend Announcement 25-Jul 23-Aug

Ex-Dividend Date

The ex-dividend date is the date which is used to decide which shareholders will receive a dividend payment. Shareholders who own shares in the company before the market opens on the ex-dividend date will receive a dividend payment. Shares bought on or after the ex-dividend date will not qualify for the dividend.

This page shows upcoming ex-dividend dates for AIM listed shares. In addition the following information is provided:

Dividend Declaration RNS - The 'Declaration Date' column contains a link to the RNS announcement which contains the dividend declaration by the company. This link can be used to confirm the information on this page and to obtain further information about the dividend and the company.

Div Impact - The 'Div Impact' column in the table shows the current declared dividend as a percentage of the current share price. This is the percentage the company's share price is expected to fall by when the market opens on the ex-dividend date.

Past Ex-Dividend Dates

A full list of previous AIM ex dividend dates can be found on the past ex dividend dates page.