Upcoming AIM Ex-Dividend Dates

EPIC Name Market Share Price Dividend Div Impact Declaration
Date ▲
SMS Smart Metering Systems AIM 843p 6.875p 0.82% 15-MarView 15-Mar SMS Dividend Announcement 30-Jun 28-Jul
PTD Pittards AIM 56.5p 0.5p 0.88% 23-MarView 23-Mar PTD Dividend Announcement 30-Jun 05-Aug
RBN Robinson AIM 85p 3p 3.53% 24-MarView 24-Mar RBN Dividend Announcement 30-Jun 15-Jul
FLO Flowtech Fluidpower AIM 118p 2p 1.69% 29-MarView 29-Mar FLO Dividend Announcement 30-Jun 22-Jul
WEN Wentworth Resources AIM 24p 1.16p 4.83% 06-AprView 06-Apr WEN Dividend Announcement 30-Jun 29-Jul
SQZ Serica Energy AIM 296.5p 9p 3.04% 21-AprView 21-Apr SQZ Dividend Announcement 30-Jun 22-Jul
PNS Panther Securities AIM 295p 6p 2.03% 25-AprView 25-Apr PNS Dividend Announcement 30-Jun 20-Jul
LTG Learning Technologies Group AIM 120p 0.7p 0.58% 03-MayView 03-May LTG Dividend Announcement 30-Jun 21-Jul
IHC Inspiration Healthcare Group AIM 97.5p 0.41p 0.42% 04-MayView 04-May IHC Dividend Announcement 30-Jun 29-Jul
SKL Skillcast Group AIM 24p 0.279p 1.16% 10-MayView 10-May SKL Dividend Announcement 30-Jun 21-Jul
VTU Vertu Motors AIM 56.7p 1.05p 1.85% 11-MayView 11-May VTU Dividend Announcement 30-Jun 29-Jul
AAZ Anglo Asian Mining AIM 95.5p $0.035 2.98% 17-MayView 17-May AAZ Dividend Announcement 30-Jun 28-Jul
STM STM Group AIM 24p 0.9p 3.75% 08-JunView 08-Jun STM Dividend Announcement 30-Jun 19-Aug
BPM B.P. Marsh & Partners AIM 306p 2.78p 0.91% 13-JunView 13-Jun BPM Dividend Announcement 30-Jun 29-Jul
WSP Wynnstay Properties AIM 650p 14p 2.15% 16-JunView 16-Jun WSP Dividend Announcement 30-Jun 27-Jul
RLE Real Estate Investors AIM 35.5p 0.8125p 2.29% 20-JunView 20-Jun RLE Dividend Announcement 30-Jun 22-Jul
IDEA Ideagen AIM 349p 0.2875p 0.08% 21-JunView 21-Jun IDEA Dividend Announcement 30-Jun 19-Jul
DUKE Duke Royalty AIM 35p 0.7p 2.00% 21-JunView 21-Jun DUKE Dividend Announcement 30-Jun 12-Jul
IBPO iEnergizer AIM 510p 13.8p 2.71% 23-JunView 23-Jun IBPO Dividend Announcement 30-Jun 01-Aug
TSL ThinkSmart AIM 25p A$0.035188 8.02% 01-JunView 01-Jun TSL Dividend Announcement 04-Jul 15-Jul
NFC Next Fifteen Communications Group AIM 950p 8.4p 0.88% 05-AprView 05-Apr NFC Dividend Announcement 07-Jul 12-Aug
PMI Premier Miton Group AIM 125p 3.7p 2.96% 27-MayView 27-May PMI Dividend Announcement 07-Jul 05-Aug
CAM Camellia AIM 6325p 102p 1.61% 31-MayView 31-May CAM Dividend Announcement 07-Jul 29-Jul
CNC Concurrent Technologies AIM 72.5p 1.4p 1.93% 30-MayView 30-May CNC Dividend Announcement 07-Jul 21-Jul
DWHT Dewhurst Group AIM 1075p 4.5p 0.42% 15-JunView 15-Jun DWHT Dividend Announcement 07-Jul 16-Aug
CRPR Cropper (James) AIM 935p 7.5p 0.80% 21-JunView 21-Jun CRPR Dividend Announcement 07-Jul 12-Aug
POLR Polar Capital Holdings AIM 538p 32p 5.95% 27-JunView 27-Jun POLR Dividend Announcement 07-Jul 29-Jul
TAVI Tavistock Investments AIM 7.85p 0.07p 0.89% 27-JunView 27-Jun TAVI Dividend Announcement 07-Jul 22-Jul
ANP Anpario AIM 510p 7p 1.37% 16-MarView 16-Mar ANP Dividend Announcement 14-Jul 29-Jul
TMG Mission Group AIM 54p 1.6p 2.96% 30-MarView 30-Mar TMG Dividend Announcement 14-Jul 29-Jul
SDG Sanderson Design Group AIM 140.5p 2.75p 1.96% 28-AprView 28-Apr SDG Dividend Announcement 14-Jul 12-Aug
CCT Character Group AIM 510p 7p 1.37% 12-MayView 12-May CCT Dividend Announcement 14-Jul 29-Jul
SHOE Shoe Zone AIM 150p 2.5p 1.67% 17-MayView 17-May SHOE Dividend Announcement 14-Jul 17-Aug
ELIX Elixirr International AIM 630p 4.1p 0.65% 19-MayView 19-May ELIX Dividend Announcement 14-Jul 12-Aug
MRK Marks Electrical Group AIM 87p 0.67p 0.77% 08-JunView 08-Jun MRK Dividend Announcement 14-Jul 18-Aug
MSI MS International AIM 277p 7.5p 2.71% 28-JunView 28-Jun MSI Dividend Announcement 14-Jul 12-Aug
HERC Hercules Site Services AIM 50.5p 0.6p 1.19% 08-JunView 08-Jun HERC Dividend Announcement 21-Jul 24-Aug
VLX Volex AIM 240.5p 2.4p 1.00% 23-JunView 23-Jun VLX Dividend Announcement 21-Jul 26-Aug
QXT Quixant AIM 153.5p 2.4p 1.56% 05-AprView 05-Apr QXT Dividend Announcement 28-Jul 26-Aug
IOM Iomart Group AIM 175p 3.6p 2.06% 14-JunView 14-Jun IOM Dividend Announcement 11-Aug 02-Sep
ETP Eneraqua Technologies AIM 308p 1p 0.32% 14-JunView 14-Jun ETP Dividend Announcement 18-Aug 16-Sep
FPO First Property Group AIM 31.5p 0.25p 0.79% 23-JunView 23-Jun FPO Dividend Announcement 25-Aug 29-Sep
CBOX Cake Box Holdings AIM 184p 5.1p 2.77% 27-JunView 27-Jun CBOX Dividend Announcement 25-Aug 27-Sep
APP Appreciate Group AIM 28p 1.2p 4.29% 28-JunView 28-Jun APP Dividend Announcement 25-Aug 03-Oct
RFX Ramsdens Holdings AIM 194.5p 2.7p 1.39% 08-JunView 08-Jun RFX Dividend Announcement 01-Sep 30-Sep
MANO Manolete Partners AIM 300p 0.5p 0.17% 23-JunView 23-Jun MANO Dividend Announcement 08-Sep 06-Oct
AFM Alpha Financial Markets Consulting AIM 387p 7.5p 1.94% 23-JunView 23-Jun AFM Dividend Announcement 08-Sep 20-Sep
BOTB Best Of The Best AIM 472.5p 6p 1.27% 16-JunView 16-Jun BOTB Dividend Announcement 15-Sep 30-Sep
ECK Eckoh AIM 40.5p 0.67p 1.65% 15-JunView 15-Jun ECK Dividend Announcement 22-Sep 21-Oct
DRV Driver Group AIM 33.5p 0.75p 2.24% 20-JunView 20-Jun DRV Dividend Announcement 22-Sep 27-Oct
WYN Wynnstay Group AIM 639p 5.4p 0.85% 28-JunView 28-Jun WYN Dividend Announcement 29-Sep 31-Oct
FEN Frenkel Topping Group AIM 78p 1.02p 1.31% 16-MayView 16-May FEN Dividend Announcement 06-Oct 21-Oct
EKF EKF Diagnostics Holdings AIM 33p 1.2p 3.64% 29-MarView 29-Mar EKF Dividend Announcement 03-Nov 01-Dec

Ex-Dividend Date

The ex-dividend date is the date which is used to decide which shareholders will receive a dividend payment. Shareholders who own shares in the company before the market opens on the ex-dividend date will receive a dividend payment. Shares bought on or after the ex-dividend date will not qualify for the dividend.

This page shows upcoming ex-dividend dates for AIM listed shares. In addition the following information is provided:

Dividend Declaration RNS - The 'Declaration Date' column contains a link to the RNS announcement which contains the dividend declaration by the company. This link can be used to confirm the information on this page and to obtain further information about the dividend and the company.

Div Impact - The 'Div Impact' column in the table shows the current declared dividend as a percentage of the current share price. This is the percentage the company's share price is expected to fall by when the market opens on the ex-dividend date.