TR Property Investment Trust Dividend Yield - 3.28%

TR Property Investment Trust Dividend Yield History

15-Jun2018 25-Jul2018 04-Sep2018 15-Oct2018 22-Nov2018 04-Jan2019 13-Feb2019 25-Mar2019 07-May2019 14-Jun2019 0.0 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 Dividend Yield (%)

TR Property Investment Trust Current Yield Details - 3.28%

Dividends Declared in Previous 12 months
Year End Type Announce Date Ex-Dividend Date Payment Date Dividend
03/2019 Interim 22-Nov-18 29-Nov-18 02-Jan-19 4.9p
03/2019 Final 30-May-19 20-Jun-19 30-Jul-19 8.6p
Dividend Yield =
Total Dividends / Current Share Price
13.5p / 412p
= 3.28%

Dividend Yields - Current and historic yields are based on trailing 12 month dividends. Historic dividends used to calculate the yield history can be found on the TR Property Investment Trust dividend history page.