Upcoming UK Dividend Payment Dates

EPIC Name Market Dividend Payment Date ▲
TTE Total Main Market €0.66 01-Oct
BOTB Best of the Best AIM 5p 01-Oct
APP Appreciate Group AIM 0.6p 01-Oct
TPX Panoply Holdings AIM 0.4p 01-Oct
JGC Jupiter Green Investment Trust FTSE Fledgling 0.64p 01-Oct
CARR Carr's Group FTSE SmallCap 1.175p 01-Oct
CTO Tclarke FTSE Fledgling 0.75p 01-Oct
DATA GlobalData AIM 6.1p 01-Oct
RWA Robert Walters FTSE SmallCap 5.4p 01-Oct
IPF International Personal Finance FTSE SmallCap 2.2p 01-Oct
WHR Warehouse REIT Main Market 1.55p 01-Oct
BRSA Blackrock Sustainable American Income Trust FTSE SmallCap 2p 01-Oct
HAT H&T Group AIM 4p 01-Oct
GYS Gamesys Group Main Market 15p 01-Oct
ADM Admiral Group FTSE 100 161p 01-Oct
GLB Glanbia Main Market €0.1175 01-Oct
ANTO Antofagasta FTSE 100 $0.236 (17.0446p) 01-Oct
CAPD Capital FTSE SmallCap $0.012 01-Oct
MAV4 Maven Income & Growth VCT 4 Main Market 2p 01-Oct
WCW Walker Crips Group FTSE Fledgling 0.6p 01-Oct
GFTU Grafton Group FTSE 250 8.5p 01-Oct
GWI Globalworth Real Estate Investments AIM €0.15 01-Oct
CNC Concurrent Technologies AIM 1.15p 01-Oct
JSE Jadestone Energy AIM $0.0059 01-Oct
SDV Chelverton UK Dividend Trust FTSE Fledgling 2.75p 01-Oct
CRL Creightons FTSE Fledgling 0.5p 04-Oct
TAVI Tavistock Investments AIM 0.05p 04-Oct
CRDA Croda International FTSE 100 43.5p 05-Oct
RAT Rathbone Brothers FTSE 250 27p 05-Oct
HDT Holders Technology AIM 0.5p 05-Oct
SVS Savills FTSE 250 6p 06-Oct
MANO Manolete Partners AIM 1p 07-Oct
GSK GlaxoSmithKline FTSE 100 19p 07-Oct
DGE Diageo FTSE 100 44.59p 07-Oct
ITRK Intertek Group FTSE 100 34.2p 07-Oct
AV. Aviva FTSE 100 7.35p 07-Oct
S32 South32 Main Market $0.055 07-Oct
KETL Strix Group AIM 2.75p 07-Oct
JGGI JPMorgan Global Growth & Income FTSE SmallCap 4.24p 08-Oct
LAND Land Securities Group FTSE 100 7p 08-Oct
GTLY Gateley (Holdings) AIM 5p 08-Oct
DWF DWF Group FTSE SmallCap 3p 08-Oct
PNL Personal Assets Trust FTSE 250 140p 08-Oct
DRX Drax Group FTSE 250 7.5p 08-Oct
GRG Greggs FTSE 250 15p 08-Oct
ZTF Zotefoams FTSE SmallCap 2.1p 08-Oct
RPS RPS Group FTSE SmallCap 0.26p 08-Oct
GDWN Goodwin FTSE SmallCap 102.24p 08-Oct
RBN Robinson AIM 2.5p 08-Oct
KGP Kingspan Group Main Market €0.199 08-Oct
JAM JPMorgan American Investment Trust FTSE 250 2.5p 08-Oct
PU12 Puma VCT 12 Main Market 21p 08-Oct
LMP LondonMetric Property FTSE 250 2.2p 08-Oct
CRH CRH FTSE 100 $0.23 08-Oct
AFX Alpha FX Group AIM 3p 08-Oct
CAM Camellia AIM 44p 08-Oct
WEN Wentworth Resources AIM 0.52p 08-Oct
ECEL Eurocell Main Market 3.2p 08-Oct
GSF Gore Street Energy Storage Fund FTSE SmallCap 2p 08-Oct
DNLM Dunelm Group FTSE 250 65p 08-Oct
CRN Cairn Homes Main Market €0.0266 08-Oct
BMPI BMO Managed Portfolio Trust Main Market 1.55p 08-Oct
TPFG Property Franchise Group AIM 3.8p 08-Oct
AIF Acorn Income Fund Main Market 7.5p 08-Oct
GKP Gulf Keystone Petroleum Main Market $0.23394 (17.093p) 08-Oct
HSL Henderson Smaller Cos Inv Tst FTSE 250 16.75p 11-Oct
OMU Old Mutual Main Market 1.25p 11-Oct
UPR Uniphar AIM €0.0056 11-Oct
MERC Mercia Asset Management AIM 0.3p 12-Oct
SRP Serco Group FTSE 250 0.8p 12-Oct
RQIH Randall & Quilter Investment Holdings AIM 2p 12-Oct
DUKE Duke Royalty AIM 0.55p 12-Oct
BVA Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SA Main Market €0.08 12-Oct
TLY Totally AIM 0.25p 13-Oct
DFI Dairy Farm International Holdings Main Market $0.03 (2.2166p) 13-Oct
HKLD Hongkong Land Holdings Main Market $0.06 (4.4333p) 13-Oct
JAR Jardine Matheson Holdings Main Market $0.44 (32.5107p) 13-Oct
PAGE PageGroup FTSE 250 31.41p 13-Oct
888 888 Holdings FTSE 250 $0.045 13-Oct
AGR Assura FTSE 250 0.74p 13-Oct
PNS Panther Securities AIM 6p 14-Oct
IGR IG Design Group AIM 5.75p 14-Oct
CRST Crest Nicholson Holdings FTSE 250 4.1p 14-Oct
CTEC Convatec Group FTSE 250 1.229p 14-Oct
AUY Yamana Gold Main Market $0.03 14-Oct
XPP XP Power FTSE 250 19p 14-Oct
TTG TT Electronics FTSE SmallCap 1.8p 14-Oct
MACF Macfarlane Group FTSE SmallCap 0.87p 14-Oct
BMTO Braime Group AIM 4.25p 14-Oct
BMT Braime Group A AIM 4.25p 14-Oct
OCI Oakley Capital Investments Main Market 2.25p 14-Oct
NSH Norish AIM €0.02 15-Oct
OXIG Oxford Instruments FTSE 250 12.9p 15-Oct
TRI Trifast FTSE SmallCap 1.6p 15-Oct
RST Restore AIM 2.5p 15-Oct
FORT Forterra FTSE SmallCap 3.2p 15-Oct
PHSC PHSC AIM 0.5p 15-Oct
DLN Derwent London FTSE 250 23p 15-Oct
AVST Avast FTSE 100 $0.048 15-Oct
CLG Clipper Logistics FTSE SmallCap 7.1p 15-Oct
RGL Regional REIT FTSE SmallCap 1.6p 15-Oct
MRO Melrose Industries FTSE 100 0.75p 15-Oct
JETG JPMorgan European Inv Tst Growth FTSE SmallCap 2.5p 15-Oct
JETI JPMorgan European Inv Tst Income FTSE SmallCap 1.4p 15-Oct
HCFT Highcroft Investments FTSE Fledgling 22p 15-Oct
UVEL UniVision Engineering AIM HK$0.0026 15-Oct
BAKK Bakkavor Group FTSE SmallCap 2.64p 15-Oct
PCA Palace Capital FTSE SmallCap 3p 15-Oct
BOOT Boot (Henry) FTSE SmallCap 2.42p 15-Oct
EPWN Epwin Group AIM 1.75p 15-Oct
KEYS Keystone Law Group AIM 4.5p 15-Oct
FEN Frenkel Topping Group AIM 0.34p 15-Oct
OTT Oxford Technology 3 VCT Main Market 6p 15-Oct
NBMI NB Global Monthly Income Fund FTSE SmallCap 0.39p 15-Oct
BERI BlackRock Energy and Resources Inc Trust FTSE Fledgling 1p 19-Oct
HL. Hargreaves Lansdown FTSE 100 38.6p 20-Oct
BBB Bigblu Broadband AIM 45p 20-Oct
IGG IG Group Holdings FTSE 250 30.24p 21-Oct
BBGI BBGI Global Infrastructure S.A. FTSE 250 3.665p 21-Oct
JEMI JPMorgan Glb Emerging Mkts Inc Tst FTSE SmallCap 2.1p 21-Oct
GAMA Gamma Communications AIM 4.4p 21-Oct
ECK Eckoh AIM 0.61p 22-Oct
ATS Artemis Alpha Trust FTSE SmallCap 3.19p 22-Oct
CAU Centaur Media FTSE Fledgling 0.5p 22-Oct
EAH Eco Animal Health Group AIM 1p 22-Oct
SKG Smurfit Kappa Group FTSE 100 €0.293 22-Oct
STAN Standard Chartered FTSE 100 $0.03 22-Oct
KMR Kenmare Resources FTSE SmallCap $0.0729 22-Oct
CSN Chesnara FTSE SmallCap 7.88p 22-Oct
HGT HgCapital Trust FTSE 250 2p 22-Oct
LUCE Luceco FTSE SmallCap 2.6p 22-Oct
SOM Somero Enterprise AIM $0.09 22-Oct
CCC Computacenter FTSE 250 16.9p 22-Oct
ANX Anexo Group AIM 0.5p 22-Oct
HWG Harworth Group FTSE SmallCap 0.367p 22-Oct
FEVR Fevertree Drinks AIM 5.52p 22-Oct
AMS Advanced Medical Solutions Group AIM 0.58p 22-Oct
ELCO Eleco AIM 0.2p 22-Oct
CAML Central Asia Metals AIM 8p 22-Oct
HOME Home REIT FTSE SmallCap 0.84p 22-Oct
TIGT Troy Income & Growth Trust FTSE SmallCap 0.49p 22-Oct
ARTL Alpha Real Trust Main Market 1p 22-Oct
MIDW Midwich Group AIM 3.3p 25-Oct
BSC British Smaller Companies VCT2 Main Market 1.5p 25-Oct
GEC General Electric Company Main Market $0.08 25-Oct
AJOT AVI Japan Opportunity Trust FTSE SmallCap 0.7p 25-Oct
MGNS Morgan Sindall Group FTSE 250 30p 26-Oct
DRV Driver Group AIM 0.75p 27-Oct
SN. Smith & Nephew FTSE 100 $0.144 (10.5p) 27-Oct
MER Mears Group FTSE SmallCap 2.5p 28-Oct
SMS Smart Metering Systems AIM 6.875p 28-Oct
ADIG Aberdeen Diversified Inc & Growth Tst FTSE SmallCap 1.38p 28-Oct
LWDB Law Debenture Corporation FTSE 250 6.875p 28-Oct
KNOS Kainos Group FTSE 250 15.1p 29-Oct
WYN Wynnstay Group AIM 5p 29-Oct
CLIG City of London Investment Group FTSE SmallCap 22p 29-Oct
HHI Henderson High Income Trust FTSE SmallCap 2.475p 29-Oct
FRP FRP Advisory Group AIM 1.7p 29-Oct
UTG Unite Group FTSE 250 6.5p 29-Oct
HSP Hargreaves Services AIM 16.5p 29-Oct
RMV Rightmove FTSE 100 3p 29-Oct
ESNT Essentra FTSE 250 2p 29-Oct
RCP RIT Capital Partners FTSE 250 17.625p 29-Oct
FEV Fidelity European Trust FTSE 250 2.65p 29-Oct
VTC Vitec Group FTSE SmallCap 11p 29-Oct
HTG Hunting FTSE SmallCap $0.04 (2.9306p) 29-Oct
BPET BMO Private Equity Trust FTSE SmallCap 4.77p 29-Oct
SHG Shanta Gold AIM 0.1p 29-Oct
BLV Belvoir Group AIM 4p 29-Oct
ALU Alumasc Group AIM 6.25p 29-Oct
SLS Standard Life UK Smaller Cos Trust FTSE SmallCap 5p 29-Oct
SLPE Standard Life Private Equity Trust FTSE SmallCap 3.4p 29-Oct
ASCI Aberdeen Smaller Companies Income Trust FTSE Fledgling 2.15p 29-Oct
LWI Lowland Investment Company FTSE SmallCap 15p 29-Oct
XPD Xpediator AIM 0.5p 29-Oct
SHRS Shires Income FTSE Fledgling 3.2p 29-Oct
MPLF Marble Point Loan Financing Main Market $0.0225 29-Oct
KWS Keywords Studios AIM 0.7p 29-Oct
LXI LXI REIT FTSE 250 1.5p 29-Oct
MNP Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust FTSE SmallCap 0.9p 29-Oct
KAY Kings Arms Yard VCT Main Market 1.74p 29-Oct
CTG Christie Group AIM 1p 29-Oct
ING Ingenta AIM 1p 29-Oct
USF US Solar Fund Main Market $0.0125 29-Oct
RLE Real Estate Investors AIM 0.75p 29-Oct
LTG Learning Technologies Group AIM 0.3p 29-Oct
JTC JTC FTSE 250 2.6p 29-Oct
VIP Value and Indexed Property Income Trust FTSE SmallCap 3p 29-Oct
HHV Hargreave Hale AIM VCT Main Market 2.5p 29-Oct
PSDL Phoenix Spree Deutschland FTSE SmallCap €0.0235 29-Oct
I3E i3 Energy AIM 0.2p 29-Oct
MAB1 Mortgage Advice Bureau (Holdings) AIM 13.4p 29-Oct
NAIT North American Income Trust FTSE SmallCap 1.9p 29-Oct
BAG Barr (A.G.) FTSE SmallCap 12p 29-Oct
SCF Schroder Income Growth Fund FTSE SmallCap 5.3p 29-Oct
EAT European Assets Trust FTSE SmallCap 2p 29-Oct
ALAI Aberdeen Latin American Income Fund FTSE Fledgling 0.875p 29-Oct
CMCL Caledonia Mining Corporation AIM $0.14 29-Oct
GMP Gabelli Merger Plus+ Trust Main Market $0.12 29-Oct
RICA Ruffer Investment Company FTSE SmallCap 1.55p 29-Oct
BCPT BMO Commercial Property Trust FTSE SmallCap 0.35p 29-Oct
EPIC Ediston Property Investment Company FTSE SmallCap 0.4167p 29-Oct
SMIF TwentyFour Select Monthly Income Fund FTSE SmallCap 1.0231636p 29-Oct
MCT Middlefield Canadian Income PCC FTSE SmallCap 1.275p 29-Oct
DNA Doric Nimrod Air One Main Market 2.25p 29-Oct
DNA2 Doric Nimrod Air Two Main Market 4.5p 29-Oct
DNA3 Doric Nimrod Air Three Main Market 2.0625p 29-Oct
Dividend Payment Dates
Entries in italic indicate the share has gone ex-dividend. All other entries have yet to go ex-dividend and full ex-dividend date details can be found on the ex-dividend date page.
Dividend Currency
Some dividends are declared in $ or €. A sterling equivalent for these dividends is sometimes declared by the company nearer the time of the dividend payment date. If/when a sterling equivalent is announced it will be shown alongside the non-sterling dividend amount.