Tesco Dividend Calculator

TSCO Dividend Calculator

The table below shows all upcoming and recently paid Tesco dividend payments. Enter the number of Tesco (TSCO) shares you currently hold to see the actual dividend amount received in pound sterling. Alternatively, if the number of shares you held varied in the past, then enter the number of TSCO shares you previously held for each dividend in the dividend table below.

Current TSCO Share Price: 255.95p

A holding of 0 TSCO shares is currently worth £0

Dividend Type Payment
Shares Held
5.95p Final 02-Jul-21 £0.00
50.93p Special-Consolidation 26-Feb-21 £0.00
3.2p Interim 27-Nov-20 £0.00
6.5p Final 03-Jul-20 £0.00
2.65p Interim 22-Nov-19 £0.00
4.1p Final 21-Jun-19 £0.00
1.67p Interim 23-Nov-18 £0.00

Expected Dividend Payment - This value is the gross dividend amount. In order to have received the above dividend payments you must have held shares in Tesco on the ex-dividend date for the various dividends. All upcoming and previous TSCO ex-dividend dates can be found on the TSCO dividend page.